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Originally Posted by arcanist View Post
A sprite shadow for the ball might work but it would need to be a single color, regardless of being over the ground or a tile. I can't alter the color if the ball sits horizontally on the edge of a tile. I'm not sure if that would look good but it'd be easy to try. A real shadow tinting the color below would be quite a bit more complicated.
The issue (imho) with the current implementation of touching the blocks/tiles with the ball, is that it's difficult to understand which you are hitting and which you are missing (especially in fast sequences). The blocks you touch just darken, the color shades between touched and untouched ones are too close and the tiles you hit stay on screen. So the visual feedback the player gets when connecting with them is very weak overal (which also deducts points from the general feel of the 'hit and miss' gameplay loop).

What you could do instead is flash to white the tile (for a frame or two) when you touch it and then remove it, letting the others you missed to pass by you. This can automatically also solve the issue of needing the ball's shadow to overlap with any of them

Originally Posted by arcanist View Post
I love the lighting on the ball. I'm using color cycling to conserve chip memory for mod samples; 17 left/right rotation frames at 32x32x4 = 8KB. To shade the colors would either need one frame per forward rotation as well (8KB * e.g. 16 = 128KB, too much) or the copper would need to change 14 colors per scanline, on top of the existing 6 colors + 3 scroll registers; I think that's too much for OCS copper?
No copper color change is needed for the ball animation. To create the ball shades you just need 2 static copperlists, one for color white and one for red.
Am I missing something?

Here's also a sample with full OCS color btw

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