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That's like a retrowave remix of my game. Looks sweet!

A sprite shadow for the ball might work but it would need to be a single color, regardless of being over the ground or a tile. I can't alter the color if the ball sits horizontally on the edge of a tile. I'm not sure if that would look good but it'd be easy to try. A real shadow tinting the color below would be quite a bit more complicated.

I love the lighting on the ball. I'm using color cycling to conserve chip memory for mod samples; 17 left/right rotation frames at 32x32x4 = 8KB. To shade the colors would either need one frame per forward rotation as well (8KB * e.g. 16 = 128KB, too much) or the copper would need to change 14 colors per scanline, on top of the existing 6 colors + 3 scroll registers; I think that's too much for OCS copper?

Maybe doing alternating sets of 7 colors per line. Probably too difficult at this stage.

The tiles are all drawn from one color per lane (see the screenshot at the top of this page). I think a shadow below would need an extra bitplane to hold the additional colors. There's still a lot of frame time left so the extra DMA might not be a problem. Not sure if I'll have time to try this, though.

Coppering up the title/text would be easy. I might do that.

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