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Games that have not music and sound at the same time makes sense, but why for example do you want Audio-CD Music for Lemmings? It really sound great and unique on the Paula Soundchip. For me it sound way more better then any other version. From what I know from youtube other Audio-CD Version of Lemmings sound to much clean and sound borring. I think Amiga Version have the most interessting and rocking sound, no need for an CD-Audio Update here.

If there is an option in a game to have sound or music ingame then just try to convert the ingame music to wave and make that as CD-Audio and not mess around with other versions of the music, as I think, what I say before, the sound of most amiga soundtracks are so unique and should not destroyed by another (in my eyes) more borring sounding music.

For example Toki.
Arcade Version of Soundtrack: [ Show youtube player ]
Amiga Version of Soundtrack: [ Show youtube player ]

Good composition, yes. But the Arcade Sound sound to much like an midi file. In my eyes the Amiga version of the music have much more dynamic. And that is only an example. Much games on amiga have bettere dynamic, if it comes to music, in my eyes.

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