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A new experimental build of current FS-UAE source snapshot compiled natively on OSX 10.4.11 for PowerMacs is available in The Zone!
This time I have installed a "clean" MacPorts SDL2 library (2.0.3) from the TigerPorts site and the resulting FS-UAE binary is quite stable and usable.

For those who want to try a build on Tiger, some modifications are needed to the FS-UAE source, as follow

In "" find and delete these lines (all the references to HIDmanager, used in 10.5 but not in 10.4):



manymouse/macosx_hidmanager.$(OBJEXT) \

manymouse/$(DEPDIR)/macosx_hidmanager.Po \

@BUILTIN_MANYMOUSE_TRUE@ manymouse/macosx_hidmanager.c \

manymouse/macosx_hidmanager.$(OBJEXT): manymouse/$(am__dirstamp) \

@AMDEP_TRUE@@am__include@ @am__quote@manymouse/$(DEPDIR)/macosx_hidmanager.Po@am__quote@ # am--include-marker

-rm -f manymouse/$(DEPDIR)/macosx_hidmanager.Po


@BUILTIN_MANYMOUSE_TRUE@ manymouse/macosx_hidmanager.$(OBJEXT) \

In delete the line:

manymouse/macosx_hidmanager.c \

In dist/macos edit the file "" and replace the string "10.5.0" with "10.4.0"

For all the other modifications please refer to my previous post in this old thread.

For a boost in performance install on your PowerMac the CHUD Tools and enable the NAP mode, then declare in the various "fs-uae" config file the option "uae_cpu_speed=max".

Enjoy! :-)
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