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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No, that's not at all what I said.
I said it feels weird to release a new iteration of a thing that is incomplete. It's not like V4 is a from the ground up new development, it is based on whatever is being worked on with V2, right?

In my view I'd wait until the V2 is complete before making a new version. But I am not making Vampire.

All those? That's not the problem, as I said above.
The work is in parallell. The work on the core benefits both. It's not like any effort is taken away from either project. The main benefit is that v4 has bigger FPGA and more memory. I understand what you're getting at though, the v4 announcement was a bit premature.

But at some point they can't add more to the v2, the only thing added then are bug fixes. So the AGA and Paula stuff should be put on halt until all 68080 CPU/FPU bugs are sorted? Perhaps it should, but I believe that wouldn't benefit the project as a whole.
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