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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
Is there any revised programme for bringing the v4 and subsequent 1200 model to market.
From what I can gather, the Vampire operation is kinda like a mom & pop shop or less. Don't expect it to be like this was some mass-produced commercial thing (which this sentence makes me feel like). It's an indie development where anyone interested in it should be lucky if it ever comes out.

Personally I am only mildly interested in a standalone V4 and have all the time in the world to wait and see what happens. I don't know how far into dev they are but units have been shown around so I would guess sometime this or maybe next year they should be ready if nothing goes awry. What does feel odd is that development of the V2 core is far from complete, so why/how embark on making a new version of it all? I always doubt projects being spun off from other incomplete projects.

At the very least a standalone cannot be possible until they emulate the full AGA chipset, I would guess.
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