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As the The Black Eyed Peas once sang "Where Is The Love?" It seems that this thread is lacking some of it.

As DamienD says this package is not just a slap together game pack. Its 12+ years of hard labour of getting all things right. From games without bugs. Perfect set of game images. Custom made HDFs with trainers,text menu loading screens etc etc. Quite a few games have been played through to the end. Game configs are setup individually for opimal game performance.

On top of the game side. Damien has spent months on the game screenshots for winuaes latest screenshot feature. Loading up each of the 2300 games manually and taking screenshots which are perfect and alligned neatly.

The volume of games is huge and although you probably will never play all of them. They're always there at your fingertips.

Come on guys... Where is the Love?
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