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I have just made a rebuild of latest FS-UAE source with minor optimizations together with a "clean" compile of SDL 2.0.3 for OSX Leopard PPC that now is included in the executable bundle in the form of a system library instead of a binary extracted from the Framework.
I have also uploaded the CAPSimage plugin needed for loading the protected disk images (.ipf extension) in FS-UAE.
This plugin is the same released by Luigi (tlosm) some time ago but refactored in the new directory structure needed by actual FS-UAE.
I have tried to compile the CAPS library using the same parameters I use for FS-UAE but while the binary is generated without errors, it does not work with FS-UAE build while Luigi's one integrates perfectly.

A special note for all PowerMac MDD users: if you enable NAP mode on your machine you can get a boost in performance without loosing the sync between audio and video during the inevitable slowdowns.
This can be seen if you have declared the option

uae_cpu_speed = max

Without NAP mode enabled you will loose the sync (for example the audio goes on smoothly but graphics is choppy) while with NAP mode enabled both sound and graphics will go together in the good and in the bad time.
You can see this difference running, for example, the wonderful AGA demo Nexus 7 where without NAP it became quickly out of sync while with NAP enabled the production reaches the end perfectly (with some slowdowns of course but without loose the AV sync).
The following is the configuration I use for this demo:

amiga_model = A1200
uae_cpu_speed = max
fast_memory = 2048
accuracy = -1
floppy_drive_volume = 0
video_sync = off
fullscreen = 1
fullscreen_mode = fullscreen
keep_aspect = 1
viewport = * * * * => 0 0 752 574
floppy_drive_0 = Nexus 7.adf
The striped bouncing ball after the Nexus 7 logo is where the sync is at risk but with NAP enabled all goes smoothly and running well.
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