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Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
[/LIST]Full sync does not work anymore on my system. Perhaps this is related to those changes. (worked around with assume_refresh_rate=50 for now) Log with minimum config attached.
Hmm, according to your log file, the host refresh rate is:
[DISPLAY] Host refresh rate: 60 Hz
The code that checks this is:
        SDL_DisplayMode mode;
        if (SDL_GetWindowDisplayMode(g_fs_ml_window, &mode) == 0) {
            g_fs_emu_video_frame_rate_host = mode.refresh_rate;
        } else {
            g_fs_emu_video_frame_rate_host = 0;
        fs_log("[DISPLAY] Host refresh rate: %d Hz\n",
Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
But with your solution you don't add all resolutions available, and the width, height, x, y values returned from this function look wrong. (seem to be unused currently anyway...). I really like to see a button in the launcher at some time where I can select a screenmode.
Correct, the RefreshRateTool class is mostly not in use (most is old unused code), so right now I only care about returning the correct width/height/refresh-rate for all monitors, and not the other modes. If the width/height of the current mode looks wrong, please report the bug!

(Yes, mode switching is something I want to include, it's just very "boring" to implement since this stuff tends to only work for some combinations of OS/drivers/monitors...)

Originally Posted by Nova View Post
hi again,

there is 2 suggestions for fs-uae which i have on my mind for quite some time:

+ autofocus on last played game when running/restarting fs-uae launcher

+ mark games as favourites and filter them via dropdown menu

maybe you consider these a useful addition?
Favorite game list is on the short-term to-do list. The last game should already be auto-loaded when you restart the Launcher, but it should also ideally mark it / scroll to it in the game list. That's what you meant?
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