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Originally Posted by TEOL View Post
Do you know the folder or zip file in the 64-Bit Portable version where the scanline graphic is hosted now?
if you mean the shaders, they are now embedded in fs-uae.dat (but should work like before). If you need access to the shader files in order to make copies/modifications, you can download the individual files from and store the modifier shader(s) in Documents/FS-UAE/Data/Shaders

Originally Posted by Nova View Post
wow, does it mean you don't need to unpack the anymore, just place it under cache/images and finally get rid of billions of scattered pngs?
Yes, indeed (almost), there is a new zip file ( available from, and you do unzip it to Data/Images, but instead of billions of small PNG files you end up with (only) 256 zip files (Data/Images/, Data/Images/, etc...). You can delete the old Cache/Images folder with billions of files!
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