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Do you know the folder or zip file in the 64-Bit Portable version where the scanline graphic is hosted now?

I wanted to see if the scanlines under Nearest RGBA8 8x8 super picture quality settings would be fixed if I pratted about with enlarging the scanlines graphic file to my monitor size ratio of 1440x900p as the scanlines picture being smaller than my ratio could be the issue with the nearest mode as it works fine on the defaults how the scanlines file is already but Nearest mode seems to have them all enlarged and looking pants.

It was easy to get to in my old 32-Bit version which I wiped in the switch to 64-Bit as it was in a simple folder and easy to get to but now it seems to be in an hard to find one possibly even in one of the zips or 3 digit fuzzy wuzzy ones in images but which I don't know which is why I'm asking. lol.
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