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Autoconfig board with UAE Boot ROM attached now works in OS3. No more need for ROM at $f00000 or somewhere, it is all in single 128k autoconfig board. Previous (and original since the beginning) method was single 64k autoconfig board and separate boot ROM. ("Old method" will not go away and stays the default)

OS4 test with above config seems to confirm that UAE Boot ROM DiagPoint code is really executed by OS4 m68k emulator, I can't be 100% sure but addresses accessed by QEMU match expected m68k code addresses. Until it crashes because it hit first UAE trap.

Post #9 test passed!

Next step is to implement alternate trap system.. This is much more complex part.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
IMHO, the first best thing to have is access to the host os files directly (is it uaehf.device job?).
Yes and no, uaehf.device has nothing to do with it, it is only for UAE hardfiles. But uaehf.device is far simpler, it is the best test case, directory filesystem code needs lots of boring changes..
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