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Originally Posted by Kokos View Post
I hope other manufacturers (Jens, Mike.. ) will start their projects soon... I'd like to see healthy competition here. :-)
To what end? The Vampire is already incredibly affordable for what you get. 😆
Technically, Jens could do a 040/060 card but it would likely be at the price of 3 Vampires and nowhere near it's speed and feature set.
Mike.. Are you referring to MikeJ of FPGA Arcade fame? Well, AFAIK they have zero plans to release accelerators for current Amigas. The FPGA Arcade is a cool product with pretty mature AGA implementation but their CPU speed is not in the Apollo-core ball-park and their board can never be super-cheap. In any case it's a stand alone product, not really competing in the same niche market. Their competition is the MIST board, not the Vampire ; -)
IMO, Jens potential high end accelerators have a bleak future but his planned Amiga reloaded mobo should be of interest as a modern platform for the A1200 Vampire.
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