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-Will it have SATA or ATA controller?
It will have at least a SD connector...

-AGA++ Will have RTG system bulid in so it will work under picasso96
The SAGA will be capable to open a deeper screen, with 10, 12... planes.
With a picasso 96 driver, and nothing more, you can also enable a chunky output
(one ring to rule them all ... one hdmi to get aga, saga, picasso96 mode all in one)

-this 16bit sound chip will have Paula audio passthrough...
No passthrought. You enable a new paula that gives output throught HDMI, and it will be capable of new AHI modes

-what kind of software or patches will be useless
No patches. The new Vampire has enough space to enable all the features at bootup.

-If we have some programs optimised for 060 (visualprefs,some libs,games) it will work or we need to switch for 020
Phoenix is capable to run both, 68020 and 68060 instructions.
All the instructions requires 1 clock cycle, so phoenix makes no differences between 68020, 68040 and 68060
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