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Cars 3. Let's face it, Cars 2 is the worst movie Pixar ever produced; still good for the kids I'd wager. For some reason people don't have much love for the first one either, but I happen to love it. Its a wacky world in which you see something new every time you watch it, its so chock full of tiny details.

Cars 3 is a return to form. It is a bit of a copy and a continuation of the first movie and to me that is a good thing, this story is what the second movie should have been about. The graphics are staggering in this one, some scenes look almost photo realistic. And the soundtrack! Better than ever.

But above all else this movie is just a whole lot of fun for the entire family.


The Predator

Ho boy did I run run run to the cinema to see this one. So, checklist. Is this a good Predator movie?

* it has predators: check
* it has the predator theme: check
* gore and death: double check
* it is full of explosions and gunfights: check
* it is about a ragtag bunch of (male) wise-cracking soldiers: check
* ... and one non-military woman that can kick ass: check
* people absolutely and completely hate it because it isn't Predator 1: check

Added in this movie:

* loads of so bad it's good humor: check
* actually doing something interesting with the Predator lore: check!

Good - god - I - love - this - movie, I had an amazing time watching this. Humor may seem like it would ruin the movie but no, not at all. It just adds to the fun and gives the movie its own face. It's 80's/90's throwback all the way with plenty of references for those aware of Predator trivia. The movie expands on the lore of the Predator in a way that to me gives a little more backbone to the series without changing anything about previous installments while opening up a possibility for more growth for future movies. Having seen this, I really do look forward to seeing more. Not that I'm going to get any, because of course... everyone hates it. How could they not .

My only complaint: the movie is in a bit of a hurry to show you as much as it possibly can in the 2 hour runtime so you do not get to savor the moments as much as you would in the original duo of movies which were nice and slow and detailed. That makes some of the scenes especially in the latter half a bit jarring and could have done with better editing. But meh, it didn't kill my enjoyment.

So yeah on the scale of modern action scifi movies, I rate this:

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