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I tried it out with one file, and whilst it recognised an .lha archive without the extension, it failed with a .7z.

The idea was to use a batch file to copy an Amiga file to a specific folder and filename, which could then be run with just one config file which points to that specific folder and filename, but archives and disk images have different extensions (and of course, data formats), and so it would be impractical to use this idea, if the extensions are different. The goal was to reduce the number of configs,but once again, multiple configs are best! (I've got loads of those myself now).

Just another daft idea in the mind of Foebane.

EDIT: If I come across as flippant and wasting people's time, I don't mean to do so, but it was an honest enquiry that I thought was best asked here.

@DamienD: Your advice, as ever, is always useful.

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