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Hemiyoda: I'm guessing it falls over when trying to write to $80000 or above. Must be something odd about that kinda config which is a bit of a shit to be honest cuz I have no idea how to fix it?! AHHH!!!!.... Actually, I think I might know what the problem is... Maybe the SP is sat at the top of the first 512k... then yes that would serious screw it over... I'll try a little book block hack later to see if I can get her working.

As for another music disk, there is one planned but I'm not doing any of the music, but it is related to this music disk......

On the other hand I might put together a music disk of all the compo tunes over the last two years I've written in protracker, but the memory req would be 2 meg chip due to the size of some of the tracks!?
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