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8372A Agnus in 1mb chip mem mode 0x0000 0000 - 0x000F FFFF.

Actually it would be nice if somebody else could report in on a 1mb chip A500, because my machine is "a bit fiddled with". ( see my previous posts if you are interested ). There are 2 pieces of software that doesn't work on my machine, this one and sysinfo. ( And I have tested quite alot)

I can report that an older A500 with KS1.2 512kb chip and 512kb fake fast also crashes directly at the bootblock. ( No wonder since it probably tries to allocate memory that doesn't exist)

Winuae allows your prod to load to track 12 on a 1.3 512kb fake fast system, then crashes. Disc 3 boots and runs all the way. ( But crashes at the bootblock on a real system. Interesting differences between emulation and real hardware. )

The real life floppydisc has been verified with checksum and works perfectly on a A4000/030.
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