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If you use a database system it might be better to write all the further information except version number in a table right from the library name. Example:

Name                    OS version   CPU   FPU  [...]  Note

reqtools.library_39.3   ----------   020   ---
asl.library_40.6           3.1       000   ---
mpega.library_2.4       ----------   040    x
xadmaster.library_13.0  ----------   060   ---         Beta
I think at least the mark for OS version would be nice. Rest would be bonus.

Due to file naming "<library name>_<version number>". For me it is clean/easy to read and renaming (removing the version number) is also easy.

About batch rename:
I use an own ARexx script that tries to append the version number from $VER string to the filename. Tries because there isn`t always a $VER string and there is no standard way how it look like. So it is difficult to get always the correct version number. Hence it opens a string requester (I use RequestString by Thomas Rapp) show the version string got by DoVer (version replacement by wepl), ascertained string and how the renamed file would look like in an string gadget. Then you can choose OK for rename and NO for cancel. However, it isn`t in relase state now but let me know if you want to try.

For cleaning for example this: "68040_44.2(WB3.5).library". There is MultiRen on Amiga. For Linux I don`t know.
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