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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Doesn't Project-X support weapon select using a button on a CD32 controller ?

I know 2 buttons work with my Wico stick, but not on my KTRL CD32 pad.
This is interesting.
As said many times before the way the joystick routines for second button opertion are handled varies depending on if you are using:
- CD32 pad
- 2 button Master System type joystick
- 3 or more button Mega Drive type joystick.

Project-X works, as far as I remember, with the "Master System" type scheme, so maybe if the KTRL CD32 pad does not resort to that operating mode like ever, it could bring this kinda issue.

Maybe bring Mickgyver's attention to this issue to see if it's the pad, the code or both. From what I understood, the CD32 pad should default to "master system" operation if not being addressed like a CD32 pad.
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