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I've uploaded the latest version to the zone and to dropbox.

New features:
-The story intro plays at the start (including the terrible writing and dodgy character art)
-Level 1 Boss now working.
-Level 2 is working, including secret cave and the two bosses, but the last boss is missing some features.
-Bounce weapon works (but has no upgrades).
-Various bug fixes.
-Controls modified to be closer to original Amiga game.

Not yet done:
-Still no option to choose the character sprite.
-Still no CD32 pad support.
-You still cannot die.
-Weapon upgrades are lost between levels.

It has been quite exhausting getting this far. This game really has a lot of unique features, no enemy is just a clone, they all do something different. You don't really notice it as much playing when they all die so quickly, but writing the code for all the enemies, weapons and map features really revealed it for me.
An uncomfortable amount of time has gone just on getting the loading transitions working with audio/display/disk routines playing nicely together. I thought I had it all nailed, but just today found there is still a brief display bug transitioning from level 1 to 2, but only if you play do a proper playful (it doesn't happen if I cheat to skip to the end of levels)

Anyway, please let me know if it works, or doesn't work. I'm interested to know if there are still problems on 040 machines or not. I did make some potential fixes, but I really have no idea whether they worked. I thought I'd found a problem with the music on 040s using WinUAE, but then found that three different versions of WinUAE (including two that were the same version but 32bit/64bit) all gave different results, so I don't think its something that is easy to find under emulation.

I don't know how much Fast RAM this one requires, but the program size has gone up significantly. One of the next tasks is to make it load code per-level instead of being a monolithic exe which will bring RAM use back down.

Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated.
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