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Does portforwarding work though?
Port forwarding does not appear to work. I added the line:
slirp_redir = tcp:10023:23:

But `telnet localhost 10023` on my linux host gives connection refused, and netstat does not show anything listening on that port. From within AMIX I can see that telnetd is available on port 23.

My current configuration below:
amiga_model = A3000
floppy_drive_1 = $HOME/tmp/AMIX_Unix/root_v2.img
graphics_card = picasso-ii
hard_drive_0 = $HOME/tmp/AMIX_Unix/empty_drive.hdf
hard_drive_0_controller = scsi6
hard_drive_0_type = rdb
hard_drive_1 = $HOME/tmp/AMIX_Unix/amix_2.1.cpio
hard_drive_1_controller = scsi1
hard_drive_1_type = rdb
network_card = a2065
slirp_implementation = qemu
slirp_redir = tcp:10023:23:
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