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Originally Posted by nikoluis View Post
If you are looking for ANY other accelerator for your A500, then you can buy the ACA500 and attach a ACA1230 or a Blizzard MK4. If you have read from the start of this thread, you can realize that Zeus is not just an accelerator and it's not a product you can buy whenever you want. I don't think that both of you are operating your A500 for your everyday tasks, so it's worth the wait a little more.
I HAVE been following his thread ever since I stumbled uppon it about 2 years ago... I don't want just ANY Accellerator, I want the Zeus68k, that's why I'm still checking this thread (over 2 years after it's birth)... Also, the reason my A500 isn't in much use, is that I haven't ordered a RAM expansion, IDE68k with cf adapter, kickstart changer ++ because I'm waiting for the Zeus68k...

Too bad, most projects like this just disappear silently without explanation, so that's why I'm asking.

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