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Like I said before, the A1000's keyboard is also individually keyswitched, some by Cherry, some by Mitsumi.

The one I photographed is a little battered, but it was more easily accessible than the pristine one I have in storage. :-) This unit had Mitsumi switches.

Notable here is that the lowest row (Alt A space A Alt arrowdown - enter) are slanted a different way than the rest of the keys. Feels very odd, I guess someone tried to be ergonomic here?

Another silliness you can make out is that the guide dimples are not on F and J like on every other Amiga keyboard, but on D and K! This again leads to a very strange feel when typing on it..

It always feels that you've got your hands too close to each other, when the reassuring dimple is under your middle fingers, instead of the forefingers. :-)

Otherwise the action of the keys is very nice with a soft click as the switch makes contact.

Hmm, quarter past midnight. I guess it's bedtime.

If someone could post similar pictures of the A500 keyboard with two membranes, it'd complete this thread. I don't know of any other types of Amiga keyboard. I used to have one of those (in my very first UK based A500, rev5 ks1.3), but I gave it away as a result of some trades. Too bad. :-(

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