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Where can you buy cartridge cases for the SNES?

Given that this section is called "Retrogaming General Discussion", I hope this is allowed on an Amiga board, so here goes. *EDIT* - I just noticed all the other non-Amiga topics, so I guess it is okay...can a mod please change the title to something more appropriate?

Does anyone know where you can buy cartridge cases for the SNES?

I don't mean a case the cartridge goes in, but rather empty cartridges with no guts.

There is a great need for some PAL (or Super Famicom NTSC) cases at my house, as my machine is a PAL one (well, PAL & NTSC now ) & I have a heap of US-sourced NTSC carts that need re-housing...I'm sick of just sticking the PCB in the slot with no casing!

I could just buy some cheap games off eBay that I don't actually want & gut those, but it seems like a bit of a waste.


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