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Thank you hooverphonique, and everyone else that responded. Yes, voxel, that's precisely what happened to this unit, the original owner plugged the power connector backwards. As per his report, enough smoke could actually be seen, and interestingly, the other drive (a regular FB-354) didn't suffer even though its connector was also plugged in backwards. Some A2000 PSU's (Phihong PSM-2000, in particular) didn't have keyed small peripheral connectors, even as late as 1989. Commodore contracted out like crazy, cause some earlier a2000's didn't have those, and apparently after 1989 they were never used again. I searched everywhere for months, and a schematic for the FB-357 was nowhere to be found, or any other Chinon drive, for that matter. Anyway guys, thanks to you I can restore this hard to find drive.
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