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Originally Posted by strim View Post
First I'd have to try to get it running, to be honest I never used Minix on Amiga. My only experiences with Minix are with versoin 3 on x86, which seems to be very different.
Ah yes, Minix 3 is a completely different beast. I suggest you buy Operating Systems: Design and Implementation (first edition) which fully documents Minix 1.1. It's an attractive system because it's very simple, easily expandable, and can be understood and maintained in its entirety by a single person.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
So, Minix 1.5 is written in pre-ANSI C? Ouch . I hoped to cross-compile it from some modern OS with not-so-huge amount of work required...
Yup! That's why I want to make my life simple, and use old development tools. Also, the system is very modular; as I am going only to add a driver, I won't need to recompile everything, only compile my part and link with existing object code.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
My kudos to you! That's pretty impressive. My only experience writing drivers is for the Cetia PPC SBCs under LynxOS (before it became a Linux variant.) I worked in some astrophysics projects, writing drivers for real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems. Never dealt with disk peripheral, so it will be something new.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
I don't want to discourage you, but it sounds like a very ambitious project . And there are already UNIX-likes for Amiga that support virtual memory and MMU (NetBSD, Linux). I think the most appealing part of Minix are its very small requirements and the fact it can work even on a plain 68000.
LOL yeah I know of the alternatives, but the point of the experiment is exactly to write the code; I have always been fascinated by the 68030 processor, I never wrote anything related to MMUs, and the simple fact that such an extension still doesn't exist is an attractive enough proposition for me to consider spending time on it. I bought an A1200+68030 accelerator exactly for this purpose (definitely not to play games; well except the occasional Sierra or Lucasarts adventure ), so I will have to put the hardware to good use
In any case, for starters I only want to implement some form of memory protection (similar to what the 8088 provides), so I'll have only to hack the memory manager.

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