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Originally Posted by rabindranath72 View Post
If you could try getting an XT format hdf (Toni Wilen says he got it working...somehow) it would be really helpful, at least I could see if MINIX likes XT better than SCSI on WinUAE.
First I'd have to try to get it running, to be honest I never used Minix on Amiga. My only experiences with Minix are with versoin 3 on x86, which seems to be very different.

As a toolchain I was thinking of using cc on MINIX itself on WinUAE (just for that retro-experience ) although I also have Aztec C 5.10 on my A1200, as it supports pre-ANSI C.
So, Minix 1.5 is written in pre-ANSI C? Ouch . I hoped to cross-compile it from some modern OS with not-so-huge amount of work required...

What NetBSD drivers did you write?
Here's the list.

I'll definitely look at Linux, NetBSD and AROS for IDE implementations, I want to keep things as simple as possible, say ATA-1 level, so as to re-use as much of the official AT code in MINIX as possible.
Agreed, best to keep it simple.

Another challenge, for the future, is to allow MINIX to fully support virtual memory (I have a 68030 accelerator in my A1200) and replace process shadowing. But until I get a proper HD installation of MINIX that's not really (easily) feasible.
I don't want to discourage you, but it sounds like a very ambitious project . And there are already UNIX-likes for Amiga that support virtual memory and MMU (NetBSD, Linux). I think the most appealing part of Minix are its very small requirements and the fact it can work even on a plain 68000.
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