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Since this thread is supposed to host all UNIX flavours, it seems weird no one posted about MINIX
The full MINIX distribution can be found here:

The original distribution, the two upgrades and some docs.

I managed to boot and run the bootdisk from Update 1 (which includes code to avoid the kernel crashing on 680x0, x>0) and most crucially, hard disk support.
Now, for real hardware, you need either a SCSI or XT.
Worryingly enough, I couldn't install EITHER on WinUAE; something within MINIX doesn't seem to like how WinUAE handles the devices. Or is it? Did anyone succeed?
In a related post, I mentioned I couldn't even get a proper hdf image under the XT protocol working; that's another attempt I'd like to try before giving up on emulation, and working solely on my A1200/30.
In related news, I'm in the process of writing a proper IDE driver for my A1200.
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