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Found this thread via Google yesterday. However I wanted to post after I tried the here proposed solutions. No luck with them either, but I managed to find a workaround for the problem. I hope it helps someone as well (albeit the original post is somewhat old), so here it goes:

I have a similar setup (escom 1200 1d4 ks3.0 + Micronik RA-1210 8MB, CF2IDE adapter with a 4G card partitioned into three, ClassicWB) and experienced the same issue:

- Without the Micronik card I could bring up DH0: DH1: etc. from WB and it worked fine. With the card I got a software failure and it reboot. However opening a shell or dopus and browsing the drives worked fine all the time.
- I could run whdload or any program I tried without any problems.
- If I removed the RA-1210 opening DH0: etc. worked again from WB.
- Before the CF (until 2 days ago...) I had a 262MB HDD (that came originally with the machine) with 'pure' WB3.0 installed and everything was fine.
- I tried changing the maxtrans and FBlit with no luck (since opening up the RAM Disk caused the same problem I had not much faith in these...).

However Bloodwych mentioned in this thread that it could be a Scalos issue.

I went to the Scalos config and clicked through the options. When I clicked on "plugins" I got the same error (and reboot), so I went and removed all plugins from the Scalos/Plugins directory. That solved it I could open DH0: etc from WB. So I removed them from the plugins list, copied back everything to Scalos/Plugins and added them back one-by-one.

In my case the FileTypes.plugin was causing the problems. I am new to ClassicWB (and basically I am an amiga owner only since christmas...) so I am fairly sure I can live without the plugin. However I'll try to update it from the Scalos website maybe that helps (also need to replace "Installer", since it fails constantly and Colonization via whdload does not work 100% so I want to install it, but that's another story).

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