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I agree completely... we are REALLY talking about BOB's / aka blitter-objects. And I totally understand about the masks... when I mentioned masks in another thread.. it caused some momentary confusion among others. But that's a given.. not everyone knows about masking then copying data using blitter...

But what can we do???...

Most people refer to them as sprites (which is the only reason I have) and most people will be looking for "amiga sprites" rather than "amiga bobs" or "amiga blitter objects".

I can see people looking for "ripping sprites" but "ripping bobs" is very unlikely.

I totally accept your point... you are technically 100% correct... but to the average Amiga user... sprites are... "the graphics that move over the background".

Maybe if we just keep an acknowledgement to that somewhere... and explain that these 'sprites' are really BOBs.!?!
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