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Originally Posted by Adderly
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr SKR][!][t +1 SKR] CA6E3DC6
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 2 of 5)[cr SKR][!] 1C1C1CD2
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 3 of 5)[cr SKR][!] 659E47FD
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 4 of 5)[cr SKR][!] 5949ADCD
Wrath of the Demon (1991)(ReadySoft)(Disk 5 of 5)[cr SKR][!] 0034AE3C
I know this has no relevance, but seeing this takes me back to the BBS days with the file idiz.. Sniffle.. I want to go back
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