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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Yeah it was alright for a one-time viewing, but this is definitely my least favorite entry in the whole franchise. It rehashes too much from previous movies and it just lacks fun. What this movie builds up to, the state of the world as it is when the movie ends - now that is a Jurassic World movie I want to see!

This is basically a movie where the dinos are for 90% of the time locked in cages... who in their right mind thought that would make for an entertaining movie? This is a dinosaur movie, in order for them to do dino stuff they basically need to be stomping around you know :/

you know, say what you want about the first Jurassic World but at least it had interesting characters; some were good, some were bad, even the good had a bit of bad to them to keep them interesting. They had realistic motivations and hidden agendas, they had a reason to do what they were doing. Not this time around, the good guys are basically just doing what the script needs them to do and you can spot the idiotic cartoonish bad guy right from the first frame they're in; they're just so transparent and unoriginal. Oh good, there is an evil financial overlord that has no qualms putting the world in mortal danger for financial gain... Thank god, hadn't seen that for ages.

5/10. Rated "Meh".
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