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Expiriencing with multiple Setting in WinUAE. And in the best case WinUAE freezes, after starting up in PPC mode. I managed only once to boot into OS4.1FE, it took about one hour. Then i configured a harddrive, formatted two partitions (DH0 and swap) and have been requested to reboot the system.
Since then, it never came up again, even with the same config.

What i got:
You need 8mb Chipram.
Picasso IV is not neccessary, but you wont see the Amiga 4.1 Logo then.
Yes, my Laptop is to slow for realtime PPC (100% CPU used all the time)
Reboots of PPC are not stable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they freeze. But if they work, it hangs right after. (Seeing pink or green screen, and nothing happens)
I got it work only once, could prepare the harddisk-Image and after, reboot it freezes.

AmigaForever works superduper, but not in this case! (Since it obviously is based on WinUAE)

I throwed some money to get it work, and i've always been an AmigaGuy! But i am getting rid of ideas...
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