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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
I'm also very interested, keep us posted on the progress!
Originally Posted by JohnABevan View Post
Hi are you making the game pad if you are how much are you selling them for?
as I am no good at soldering.
Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Man I missed out big on these for being broke, are you making any more kits?
Originally Posted by leeuwtje View Post
If you have complete pads I like to learn the price.
Originally Posted by BSzili View Post
I also wonder how did the custom PCB with the micro-controller go. I managed to get a few SNES controllers as parts in various states of brokenness recently.
The microcontroller version (full replacement PCB for SNES gamepad clone) is finally ready. I have had a lot of issues with this project and have had to take breaks from it to keep my sanity. I will make a video soon to demonstrate how it works, it has some nice features so stay tuned . So far I have tested the gamepad successfully on the CD32 (various games), A1200 and A500.
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