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Received the EasyNetPro uprade in the mail yeasterday... went along and installed the Amiga with a new installation of Workbench (3.1).

After fidling around a little bit (for some reason the predefined Sky DNS IP-adresses are wrong, at least with my modem) getting the right IP's for DNS and such... and simply switching off the whole WEP/WPA access passwords for a little bit.... The Amiga was online, and as far as I could see, it was online in a "perfect" fashion.

Was a bit of fiddling trying to get AWeb to work, but once done, it was done. I mean... I didn't know I had to install ClassAct before I could open AWeb....

Now to get NetSurf to work.... I've got 32<B FAST in that computer... so I should be able to get NetSurf to work witohut installing the 2MB version... shouldn't I?
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