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EasyNet Pro Available

* Network Configuration GUI- setup the network quickly
* Interface Configuration Utility- select network devices fast and configure them without fuss
* Hosts Manager- front end to allow you to easily manage your Amiga's network hosts list
* SMB-Connect Integration- allows you to connect to SMB network shares quickly and easily
* VNC Support- allows you to connect, view and control other network hosts
* Wireless Network Configuration Utility- straight forward modification of the WiFi settings on your Amiga
* Context Sensitive Help & AmigaGuide documentation
* Router presets for: Conexant, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Linksys
* I.S.P. presets
* Live Update for downloading latest version of the program
* Supports many Amiga network devices (see below)
* bsdsocket v4 compatible, based on AMITCP v4 under licence from NSDi.

Upgrade option for existing EasyNet users:
If you own the standard version of EasyNet, you can upgrade to EasyNet Pro at a discounted rate by selecting Upgrade from EasyNet in the product page. You must also include your original serial number for validation in the order comments- without this your upgrade cannot be shipped to you.

Devices Supported
EasyNet Pro supports the following Amiga SANA-II network devices:

3c589.device, prism2.device, cnet.device, FastEthernet.device, x-surf.device, rtl_8139pci.device, MediatorNET.device, usbasixeth.device, usbpegasus.device, ioblixether.device, hydra.device, dm9601eth.device, x-surf-100.device, plipbox.device

System Requirements
* Memory: 1MB available RAM
* AmigaOS version 2, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 or 3.9 supported
* CDROM drive or another suitable method of transferring CD contents to Amiga
* Suitable network adapter is offline  
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