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Oh, another tip for you...

WinUAE is very smart / intelligent thanks to the author "Toni Wilen"

I have 2 x wireless Xbox 360 controllers. Most times, if I want to have a quick bash at a game I can't be bother connecting everything up so just play with "Keyboard Layout B" for "Port 2" set i.e:

Up = <Up Arrow>
Down = <Down Arrow>
Left = <Left Arrow>
Right = <Right Arrow>
Button 1 = <Right Ctrl>
Button 2 (if the game supports it) = <Right Shift>

Virtually all my 1750+ individual game configs have the following set:

Port 1 = Windows Mouse
Port 2 = Keyboard Layout B

When I can actually be bothered connecting my 2 x wireless Xbox 360 controllers; I don't need to change anything thanks to "Mouse/Joystick autoswitching" being ticked...

Pressing the first button on the 1st Xbox 360 controller makes "Port 2" = "1st Xbox 360 controller" i.e. Player 1.

Pressing the second button on the 2nd Xbox 360 controller makes "Port 1" = "2nd Xbox 360 controller" i.e. Player 2.

Absolutely wonderful
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