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Exactly. Another too obvious solution that is not done because most just copies old (bad) designs..

I blame Phase 5 for this, all their accelerators have stupid design. Amiga had autoconfig (which is very similar to PCI, minus few features), then later Amiga hardware designers decided that hardwired design is so much better.

Even worse are so called "autoconfig" boards that only work if they are the only board in system.

I'll accept hardwired design if it is meant to be very cheap and there is no logic space for full or partial autoconfig.

(As I have already said, there is big chasm between Amiga hardware and software people. I don't include those that think they know what they are doing, there is far too many of those.. Yes, I am software guy and there may be good reason for Phase 5 (and others) to do it that way but this is what happens when there is no good communication. Everyone just blames the "other side" for being stupid. "Here is the spec, now it is your turn do the software/hardware. Err? Didn't I have anything to say before you designed it? No. You don't need to know.". It happens both ways.)
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