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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
It had totally the opposite effect on me, I wasn't scared at all, I loved the attention.... albeit brief as it was!
Jesus. My long-suffering parents had enough with the huge phonebills (Which, to be fair on myself, I did eventually pay back). I probably would have been booted out if plod had come round looking for me as well.

One of the Swedish guys we had in the group for a while found an accessible phone point in his school. Didn't believe him at the time - People always used to blag that they could get free calls. Then, after a few months or so, I got a really angry phone call from someone there demanding to know who called me and why they'd been left with a phonebill for 'several thousand krona'. She was absolutely fuming.

That was great fun. It was even more fun after they called back and got my mum after I'd told the angry woman, whilst laughing rather merrily, to 'fuck right off'.
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