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Originally Posted by Greengh0st View Post
Hey, guys. Sorry for my English, I translated through Google translate. I saw the video of your game, it looks amazing, the music is generally beyond praise. Continue in the same vein, I will wait for your version on the mega Drive Sega. Myself with a friend doing the game on the Sega mega drive. Tell me, where can I show you my work? I draw in the game, but I'm not an artist. Sorry if you wrote the wrong way, just never talked on foreign forums. I only corresponded with Brazilians on Facebook.
Thank you, but we can't take credit for the music. I don't know where it's originally from, perhaps Tracker Hero or a demo, but it's not our work. For the full game we will require a musician to compose some original music. Do you post your work on Sega forums? I'd like to see what you're working on. Although we would love to make the game for the Mega Drive, we have no programming knowledge and would need to team up with developers from the Sega community to produce anything.
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