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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
For example, how do you decide to try the disk first if a library is already ready and waiting in ROM or RAM? I can only think of a "whitelist" or sorts which tells ramlib which libraries are preferably loaded from disk, otherwise things will get messy when, for example, deciding whether or not to load dos.library from disk How do you maintain that whitelist?
It is simple, just set the non essential libraries to boot that take much of the precious rom space, to be loaded from disk as default behaviour and if not, fall back to loading them from rom (you can put there the old v40 ones).

No whitelist, just a simple one time design choice from both you and ThoR, it doesnt need to be much more complex than that.

Candidates are as both you and ThoR have already mentioned in some posts:


And then maybe some other amiga specific model rom module here and there that could also apply for this smart library loader.

The key to this smart library loader concept is that you keep the best from both worlds: compatibility is assured and new modules can be loaded if available on disk, and the boot process does not need to be restarted.
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