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[Found] RTS Sci-Fi hex tile game with customizeable vehicles, like Full Metal Planet

I am pretty sure that the name of the game is Dominion, but I can't find anything of that name.


it took place on a planet in the future. You started with a factory or refinery, or command centre, something like that, and you could design your units from various parts. For example, you could take a tank thread chassis and put a rocket launcher on it, and then you could produce this vehicle. When ready, you can select it and order it to go somewhere else to scout the terrain, which was shrouded initially in black. The map was also covered by a hex grid similar to Battle Isle, although the hex tiles were streched more horizotonally, almost like in Celtic Legend. The view was almost top-down. The landscape was mostly green grassland with maybe some mountains and water. Your own units where mostly brownish yellow. One thing that was annoying was that all vehicles consumed fuel and I think I never found out how to refill them.
It was not Full Metal Planet(e) by the way, although it was very similar graphics-wise, but FMP was far quicker, while the game I mean ran very sluggish, with vehicles moving like snails
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