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i still like my Sony stuff, (i suspect THB will turn up to call me a "rabid sony fanboi" but hey.) however even i would still agree with a few obvious failings worth mentioning;

UMD on PSPs - this is being fixed with the PSP-Go! thank god.

- I wouldnt agree with "slow screen refresh" or "lack of second analogue stick" though, which are often cited as its main failing.

"Disk Read Error" on PS2s - something about the PS2 (original) DVD drive was of shockingly poor quality, as this happened on my own and on numerous colleagues PS2s.

I never had one problem with my PSX though, and I've not had any with my PS3.

I would agree with Xbox pads though... even on the later ones, not only too clumsy/awkward (i have artist's hands) but buttons equalled only in discomfort by the C= CD32 pad.... these things litterally hurt my thumbs after 10 minutes.

If you want to talk about poor build quality, why not throw in the NDS Lite? If you're gonna market to small children, ou need to make the thing able to survive a few drops.

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