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So for an Acorn Archimedes Software Preservation Scheme.......I certainly believe it would be safe to say that preserving original discs with IPF and making as much software as possible run from the hard drives too is a reasonably sensible way forwards......yes!?

We agree that IPF preserves all data on this disc in a digital format!?

So, the only thing that ideally needs doing at the moment is IPF support added to an Arc emulator, as for the machines themselves the IPF data could be written back to disc using the cyclone20 or could be supplied to the computer with an HxC.

The way I see it now is we need to track down original discs (this shouldnt be too hard via Archimedes owners and eBay!!)

Image these with Cyclone20 and send to SPS

And create patches to allow run from HD (patches from an acorn point of view should also include RiscPC support as well as copy protection removal).

All sounds so easy doesnt it!!!

So, I think for now anyone that owns and Archimedes or knows someone that does should start cataloguing and documenting on here what software they have. Copies should also be documented as this will cut down on the work needed to create patches for the originals.

So........Will get listing and await Cyclone20 to be ready.
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