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ideas to launch cdda at the best moment

hi Toni,
could you make a way to launch cdda when something precise happen ?
I mean something like disk1: track 74 then launch cdda 1, etc...
Or from a cd, the cd-rom read this track then launch cdda 1 or a mp3...
Or else, if you have a better idea ??
I know, the best should be to make it on a real amiga.
hopefully jotd and you (akiko trick) did an amazing job to make it happen on the cd32.
But why i'm asking that ?? Because i'm not a coder, i'm too stupid too understand ASm, a shame !!! That's why i'm trying to find a way to make it with winuae in a clean way. I know that this is not a priority for you but if you have time or better idea than mines to make it a reality please give it a try, something the more easy for you, even if it use a dos command to launch mp3, i'll be happy with anything.
Then we could share amiga cdda games, some games really need it, on a real amiga 1200 it seems really tricky to do or perhaps impossible, winuae seems to be the last solution, perhaps not the best but finally we could have a solution.
ps: an option to set the volume of every amiga voices could be great too
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