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Originally Posted by Magic View Post
The Vampire 4 is a standalone FPGA Amiga clone, right? What is the real difference between that and any of the other FPGA based boards that are available ,or for that matter a really fast PC that boots to UAE? I am just wondering what makes it special like our old Amigas? I am not trying to start a flame war, just curious is all. I do own many classic machines as well as a Vampire 500 V2. Thank you for any discussion.
Yep Vampire V2+ is a recreated and enhanced version of the Classic 68k Amiga machines. Vampire V2+ recreates the whole machine and not just the CPU which is a common misconception as many people still refer to them as 'accelerators'.

The difference between using an FPGA computer and software emulation to get your Amiga kicks is an interesting question and is really just down to personal preference.

Obviously from a cost point-of-view then WinUAE wins

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