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Originally Posted by Welshieinnz View Post
Hahaha! Good point

I’ve been on the lookout for an A1200 here in the US but can’t find any. All are being shipped from the UK. That’s kinda why I’m also really excited for the V4.
Yeah I bought one from the UK and had to wait a month for it to get here. In the mean time I bought a bunch of stuff for it. When it arrived I didn’t have a PSU to test it with. Installed stuff then finally got the psu to find that the machine was horribly messed up. Spent more money to ship the MB to Avill in California only to find out the board was toast.

In the mean time I bought a second one from the UK which is arriving today (fingers crossed). Hopefully this one works right. I picked up the A500 in the mean time and decided to Vampire it to make it useful. I’ll probably bring the 500 to the office as a showpiece. The A1200 and V4 (whenever it comes) will stay home for development and game play. Really digging the thought of putting the V4 into some sort of laptop style enclosure for portable use.
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