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Originally Posted by Kitty
I was thinking how awesome it would be if I could program on the Commodore 64 or maybe use WinVice or CCS64 to create a short demo or a basic game, and eventually program a more complex game/demo.

If you wanna code demos and games then in my opinion there's really only one choice - learn assembler. You'll need to get close to the hardware to get the best performance and you'll definitely need to get close to the hardware if you want to take advantage of the features / bugs present in the C64 VIC hardware that let you do cool effects.

Originally Posted by Kitty
How hard is it to program on the Commodore 64?
Personally I think that learning and coding 6510 assembly on the C64 isn't too hard but getting cool effects out of the machine such as you'd like to do for a demo will require practice as you need to master things like stable rasters / cycle exact code. Having said that, the fun is in getting this stuff to work. \o/

Originally Posted by Kitty
Please bare in mind I have absolutely no experience at all of programming in any language
Neither did I when I started coding Amiga assembly. Neither does anyone until they try - be brave and go for it!

Originally Posted by Kitty
What I would like to know is;

Do I read Commodore 64 programming books first, then dive in?
Where do you even start proramming on the C64 without any programming knowledge!

Any pointers/help on where I should start and what programs/hardware, I would need would be a great help, thanks guys

My advice would be to use a text editor on your PC to develop your code and then KickAssembler to assemble it:

This assembler is run from the command line and has an option to load and execute your program straight into WinVICE so you can instantly see it running.

For documenation and advice on demo programming in particular, try reading the material here:

Good luck with it and make sure you tell us how you're getting on and post all your cool code for us to check!

PS - shouldn't this thread be in the Coder's Heaven section...?
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