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Question To Late To Learn How To Program On The Commodore 64?

I was thinking how awesome it would be if I could program on the Commodore 64 or maybe use WinVice or CCS64 to create a short demo or a basic game, and eventually program a more complex game/demo.
How hard is it to program on the Commodore 64? Please bare in mind I have absolutely no experience at all of programming in any language, but if I wanted to start basic why not the Commodore 64, seems like it would be far easier to learn this language than jumping into C, C++ or something as complicated right?

What I would like to know is;

Do I read Commodore 64 programming books first, then dive in?
Where do you even start programming on the C64 without any programming knowledge!

Any pointers/help on where I should start and what programs/hardware, I would need would be a great help, thanks guys

20 GOTO 10

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